#Blogmas Day 10: Book Review – Black Witch Magic by Mila Nicks

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A cute paranormal romance novel, but I wish this book would have given me a little more.

Book CWs: For a list of content/trigger warnings, tropes, and representation found in this book, check out its page on BookTriggerWarnings.com!

Premise (from Goodreads)

Librarian by day, cursed witch by night:

Selene Blackstone spends her days camped out in library corners with her nose glued to books. In a town like Brimrock, where she’s an outcast, she prefers her book friends to her real-life enemies. They’re a lot less judgmental. The rest of town believes she descends from a family of witches—including her evil witch grandma, Luna. In this case, the truth is stranger than fiction. She is a witch, and she’s cursed for all of eternity. Good thing her to-be-read list is pretty long…

Prickly Paranormal Investigator Aiden O’Hare speaks two languages: sarcasm and more sarcasm. He travels the country—and sometimes even the world—investigating strange phenomena with his best friend, Eddie. Their investigations bring them to a cozy New England town called Brimrock, home to fabled evil witch Luna Blackstone. Armed with his dry wit, his bibliophilic love for books, and far too much free time, he’s determined to find out just what happened to Luna…

When Aiden meets Selene, he decides he must get to know her. When Selene learns Aiden is in town investigating her grandma, she knows she must stop him. He’s out to expose the truth. She’s out to keep it a secret. Neither expects to fall under each other’s spell, but sometimes love is supernatural.

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Review (No Spoilers)

I received an eARC of this book on NetGalley and I was so excited to finally start reading it. My percentage has been low due to upcoming blog tours, so I’m doing all I can to try and improve it until my post dates. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for approving my request!

Black Witch Magic is a story about a young bookish witch, Selene Blackstone, who suffers from a family curse. As she struggles to make a living in a town that pretty much hates her guts, she meets the sarcastic Aiden O’Hare, and the connection between them is undeniable. When mysterious and dangerous events start occurring around town, people are quick to point the finger at Selene, but Aiden is determined to help clear her name.

This book wasn’t exactly my cup of tea–though I love paranormal romance–mostly due to the writing-style and the side characters. The book struck me as very YA-esque and since there weren’t many steamy scenes (though I did appreciate the first one as it was something I’ve never seen in a romance before), I think it could have been easily adapted to that age group. There were also a few instances where the writing was either repetitive or lacked continuity. Since I read the eARC version of the novel, things like this are expected and I’m hoping they got fixed for the final print.

In regards to the characters, I was actually very happy with Selene and Aiden. I thought they were a good amount of mature (aside from the insta-love that occurs between them) and that they handled conflict fairly well. My problem lay in the side characters, particularly Eddie (Aiden’s best friend and fellow paranormal investigator) and his family. The whole lot of them was almost unbearable. I couldn’t understand how they could all be so inconsiderate, and it seemed to only get worse as the book progressed. I kept hoping to see some character growth, but I feel like instead I saw the complete opposite. It’s something that continued to bother me even after I finished the book.

Although Black Witch Magic is labeled as a romance, I think the fantasy-side of the story was definitely the best part. As I said previously, there aren’t very many “steamy” scenes and most of the book follows Selene as she attempts to connect with her inner-witch without being discovered by a town that is desperate to vilify her. Because of how much I enjoyed reading about her craft, I wish there were more scenes of her and her fellow witches actually using it. There are mentions of several potions and spells, and I think the book could have benefited a lot from showing more of this. It is the first book in a series so maybe the next installments will be more involved.

Overall I’d recommend this book if you’re looking for a cute, easy, and relatively quick read. I’m interested in seeing what direction this series is headed (and what characters Mila Nicks will decide to follow) so hopefully I can get my hand on the next book at some point!

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