Subscription Spotlight: Curls Monthly

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing attention to a non-bookish box that I only recently subscribed to: Curls Monthly. If you want to take a look at my last product spotlight post, you can check out my post about Deadbolt Mystery Society here.

What is Curls Monthly?

You can visit their website for more info, but I’ll try to give you the basics.

Curls Monthly is a monthly subscription service started by Barbara (also known as @CurlVitality). Barbara is a curly hair coach, which means that she works one-on-one with people who have wavy or curly hair to find products and techniques that best suit their needs. I’m actually not sure if she’s still doing this coaching business, since I know that she has been juggling a lot with this new business adventure. In a recent video, she seemed to say she stopped to focus on Curls Monthly instead, but I’m not sure if that is permanent or temporary.

The idea behind Curls Monthly is to allow for people to try out hair products before they buy it in full size. This should help eliminate the amount of hair products that inevitably get thrown away when they don’t work the way you’d hoped. Each month, for $22 USD, you get sent 5 or more mini-sized hair products to test. Included with these products is a newsletter that gives you more information about what each product is, what hair-types they were designed for, and how to use them. There are also a few discount codes for some of the brands that are included in case the product does in fact work out for you.


The CurlsMonthly/CurlVitality team are active on several social media platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

My Opinion

I’ve received I believe 4 or 5 packages from Curls Monthly so far, but I haven’t used many of the products simply because I already have a few full-sized products that I’m trying to get through first.

Pictured to the left are some of the products that I have already tried, and I’ve liked almost all of them. One product not pictured that I used basically every time I wash my hair is a Kitsch microfiber hair towel that I received in one of my packages. That hair towel is amazing and I know that I wouldn’t have purchased it on my own because one Kitsch towel is at least $23. The fact that Barbara included it in a package with several other products already shows that you get your moneys worth with this subscription.

As mentioned previously, each package comes with a newsletter detailing what types of products are included, what hair types they’d likely be good for, and instructions on how to use them. I find these newsletter invaluable because they add so much to the accessibility of the subscription. Even people who have no idea what they’re doing with their hair can easily learn what to do and when to do it,

My biggest complaint about Curls Monthly would have to be the fact that the packaging that the products are shipped in is very cheap. The bottles come in a recyclable paper pouch that USPS manages to break every single month. All of my mailers have arrived with random holes and punches in the bag to the point where I’m literally just waiting for the day where one of the products actually falls out of these holes because they can get pretty big. That being said, Curls Monthly used to be $17, so with the price raise, I’m hoping that more durable packaging will start to be used. (Update: Curls Monthly actually DMed me on Instagram to tell me they are in fact getting stronger mailers!) The team also tends to use gendered language on their newsletters, but rest assured that the subscription would work well for people of all genders.

If you have wavy, curly, and/or coily hair, Curls Monthly might be a subscription you’d want to try out!


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