Blog Tour Review: Flip Turns by Catherine Arguelles

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A predictable but enjoyable middle grade mystery novel

Thank you so much to TBR and Beyond Tours and Catherine Arguelles for allowing me to be part of this experience and also providing me with a complimentary ARC and media kit!

Book Information

Genre: MG Mystery
Publishing Date:
September 13, 2022

Thirteen-year-old Maddie just wants her classmate, Lucas, to leave her alone. He keeps asking her out—as if she hasn’t already said no a thousand times! Focusing on her competitive swim team, the Electric Eels, Maddie tries to ignore him, hoping he’ll go away.

But then, when someone starts sabotaging Maddie’s family-owned pool—glass on the deck, ketchup in the pool, followed by a “code brown”—Maddie worries it’s her “admirer” trying to get even. After Maddie’s parents rule the problems at the pool just harmless pranks, Maddie and her best friend Ez decide to investigate on their own. Could it be Lucas? And how can Maddie get him to leave her alone once and for all? The future of the Electric Eels and Maddie’s family legacy are on the line.

Content and Trigger Warnings

For a list of warnings, tropes, and representation for this book, check out its page on

About the Author

Before writing novels, Catherine earned a BA in English with a minor in Women’s Studies, and a MA in Psychology, Counseling. She has worked as a counselor with middle school students, a fundraiser for non-profits, and is the proud parent of two feminist readers. She lives in Northern California and her favorite event was once the 100-yard backstroke.

Author Links:

Review (no spoilers)

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Welcome back to my blog everyone! Today’s book is a middle grade mystery that follows a 13-year-old girl named Maddie as she tries to figure out who has been vandalizing the pool at the community center her family owns and runs.

I will say that as a mystery novel, the culprit was obvious from the very beginning of the novel. I kept hoping that it wasn’t going to be what I predicted, but, alas, it was. It should be noted, however, that I am a fully grown adult and this is a book for middle grade readers. I would be interested to see what middle grade readers thought about the big revelation at the end, because I think the author didn’t give them enough credit in terms of deductive reasoning with this one.

That being said, I still enjoyed this book quite a bit. There is a good amount of representation for things like anxiety disorders, alopecia, and queer relationships. On top of that, the portrayal of healthy family dynamics was *cherry kiss*. Even though the main family experiences adversity at several times throughout the novel, they never failed to stand up for each other and have each other’s backs when necessary. In particular, I thought Maddie’s relationship with her brother Jack was one of the best sibling relationships I’ve ever read.

As expected of middle grade novels, there are important themes and messages for the audience to take away at the end of the novel. The book emphasizes the importance of empathy and open communication when it comes to solving problems and handling difficult situations. A good portion of the book has to deal with Maddie experiencing unwanted romantic advances and manipulation from a boy named Lucas and I thought Catherine Arguelles handled that aspect of the plot beautifully.

Flip Turns came out today, so if you’re interested in reading it, you can grab a copy at any of the links listed above!

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