Blog Tour Spotlight: Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay

Today I’m bringing attention to the lovely book Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay. I’ll take you through the blurb, about the author, a few tour excerpts, and information about the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award (BBYNA)!


Alice’s stories of Wonderland did more than raise a few eyebrows—it landed her in an asylum. Now at 15 years of age, she’s willing to do anything to leave, which includes agreeing to an experimental procedure.

When Alice decides at the last minute not to go through with it, she escapes with the White Rabbit to Wonderland and trades one madhouse for another: the court of the Queen of Hearts. Only this time, she is under orders to take out the Queen.

When love, scandal, and intrigue begin to muddle her mission, Alice finds herself on the wrong side of the chopping block.

Book CWs: For a list of warnings, tropes, and representation for this book, check out its page on

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About the Author

H.J. Ramsay has loved fantasy ever since she was a child. Growing up, she was influenced by movies like Legend, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth as well as books and short stories, such as The Collected Works of Brothers Grimm. She is drawn to fantasy with a darker side to its glittery world and the idea that things are never what they seem. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles and teaches writing classes at her local community college. Ever Alice is her first published novel.

What readers have to say

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, this book needs to be up next on your TBR because you will not be disappointed.

Books Are 42

I really enjoyed reading this book as it felt more of a continuation of the story of Alice in Wonderland than a retelling or reimagining or the original story. I felt like that character’s were well written, the world building was strong and that the fantastical nonsensical feeling of the original story remained.

Sarah’s Book Life

This book has gained a special place in my heart for continuing on a story I have loved for years, but it is done so well without ruining the magic of the original for me! This I feel is a book I will be raving about for months to come.


I think the author did an amazing job of giving this world a great twist and her own flair while leaving the crazy, whimsical and enchanting side that we all love.

Read to Ramble

The writing of this was just incredible (if I haven’t said that word enough) and H.J.Ramsay deserves a massive rid of applause for her ability to make Alice in Wonderland fresh and exciting while staying within the parameters of the original world.

Shelves of Starlight

The Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award

I received this book to read and review as part of the BBNYA tours organized by the @The_WriteReads tours team. All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Tour Spotlight: Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay

  1. Rosegold Reports February 9, 2021 / 2:13 pm

    Fantastic spotlight post! I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland so this is going to the top of my TBR!

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