Trope-ical Readathon Book Recommendations

If you’re looking for book recommendations for a given trope, feel free to check out the following books! If a book appears on this, it means that we’ve either read (and enjoyed) it or that it’s on our TBR.

Absent/Dead Parent(s) Trope

Time Loop Trope

Found Family Trope

Coming-of-Age Trope

Food Themes Trope

Blast from the Past Trope

Mixed Media Trope

(Post) Apocalyptic Trope

Historical Figure Trope

All Happens in One Day Trope

Multiple POV Trope

The New Kid in Town Trope

Retelling Trope

Sports Romance Trope (Team Romance)

Second Chance Romance Trope (Team Romance)

Climate Change Trope (Team Science Fiction)

Cryosleep/Suspended Animation Trope (Team Science Fiction)

There Be Dragons Trope (Team Fantasy)

Prophecy Trope (Team Fantasy)

Is it Supernatural? Trope (Team Mystery/Horror/Thriller)

Locked-Room Mystery Trope (Team Mystery/Horror/Thriller)

Then and Now Trope (Team Contemporary/Literary/Historical Fiction)

Vacation/Trip Trope (Team Contemporary/Literary/Historical Fiction)

Novel-in-Verse Trope (Team Non-Fiction/Poetry)

Untold Stories Trope (Team Non-Fiction/Poetry)