6 series that I never completed and why

Have you ever started a series with great enthusiasm only to give up before you got to the end? I sure have. A lot.

Here is a list of some of the series that I began and never completed. I’ll tell you where I left off and why I stopped reading. If you come across one (or more!) that you think I should finish, please let me know!

1: The Hunger Games

Where I left off:

Right in the middle of Mockingjay

Why I stopped reading:

I started reading The Hunger Games at some point in high school. I had the goal of finishing the series before the final film came out because I often want to read a book before seeing its adaptation.

When I got to Mockingjay, I found myself extremely bored the entire first half of the novel. So bored that I just put it down and didn’t pick it back up.

A couple years later I tried to read it again only to stop at around the exact same place for the exact same reason. I still watched the film if you were wondering.

2: The Maze Runner

Where I left off:

The Death Cure

Why I stopped reading:

I never actually planned to leave this series incomplete. It was just bad timing I suppose.

I don’t remember when I read The Maze Runner but I know that I finished it before the movie came out. I then set my sights of finishing The Scorch Trials before that movie came out and succeeded.

Unfortunately, when I got to the The Death Cure I had just graduated from undergrad and was in the process of moving across the Pacific Ocean. I never got around to reading it and now at this point, I’d have to start from the beginning.

3: Divergent

Where I left off:


Why I stopped reading:

I don’t know if this is a spoiler or what but I read Divergent, Insurgent, and Four and then I bought Allegiant to read. I tend to have really bad anxiety about not knowing what’s going to happen in a book or film–I often can’t see a film without reading the synopsis first–and so before I read Allegiant I decided to look up the story. I didn’t like what I read and so I never bothered actually reading the book.

4: Harry Potter

Where I left off:

In the middle of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Why I stopped reading:

To be honest I think this was just the case of me being terrified as a kid of the sheer volume of this series. I had watched a bunch of the movies and decided that maybe I should take a crack at the books.

I was probably just ending middle school or starting high school and I think I just got scared of the idea of having to read 7 “giant” books.

5: The Mortal Instruments

Where I left off:

I think book 3??? I honestly can’t remember.

Why I stopped reading:

I was actually really enjoying this series. I had started reading it when I was doing this amazing thing where I would read a book a week on my kindle.

I bought the first 3 or 4 novels on my Kindle to read and I can’t remember why I stopped. It was probably that I was tired of not reading physical books or that my school workload became too demanding.

6: Ender’s Game

Where I left off:

The middle of Speaker for the Dead

Why I stopped reading:

I read Ender’s Game my sophomore year of high school as part of an English assignment. We were given a list of approved books and we got to choose which one we wanted to read.

I finished reading it, wrote up my book report or whatever it was I had to do, and decided that I liked it a lot. I bought Speaker for the Dead maybe in college? I’m not exactly sure when, but before I read it, I reread Ender’s Game again. After a few chapters of Speaker for the Dead, I found myself bored and stopped.