Bookish Boxes and Buzzwords Tag

Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m doing another book tag that I was tagged in by And On She Reads. Thank you, Erika! Be sure to check our her blog if you haven’t already!

Your go-to genre or favourite type of book:

My go-to genre is probably new adult or adult romance. Strangely enough, though, I often don’t rate the ones I read very well. I just default to it when I’m looking for something fun or quick to read.

Retellings you are drawn to:

Most of the retellings that I’ve read are traditional (Disney-ish) fairytale retellings. I have read a few that were retellings of past books/plays or myth retellings but I think the fairytale retellings are more mainstream. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly drawn to any type of retelling.

Lifestyles or careers of the book characters:

This isn’t a question so I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean. If it means lifestyles or careers of book characters that I enjoy reading, then I think I enjoy reading about college students or adults who don’t have their lives together and are working a normal 9-5 job that they may or may not hate.

Places or settings you are drawn to:

I guess I kind of answered this in the previous question about college students and 9-5 workplaces. On top of that, I am a fan of books where woods or forests are heavily featured, either in a magical way or a spooky way.

Relationships you enjoy reading about:

I love when books have healthy relationships (of any type!). So many books rely on miscommunications or toxic relationships to run their plot and I’ve grown very tired and frustrated from reading so many of these. In particular, books with strong sibling and/or parent dynamics are some of my favorites.

Buzzwords in the title of the book

I don’t think I have any specific buzzwords that draw me to be a book BUT I love a good pun. Usually the worse the pun is, the more I’m intrigued by the book. I’m looking at you romance and cozy mystery books.

Things on book covers that draw you in:

Illustrated covers that are cute really get my attention. I’m also very much drawn to books that have very pretty flower/nature designs. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

Non-fiction buzzwords or a non-fiction area you are drawn to:

I don’t read much non-fiction, so this is a hard one. I think that of all the non-fiction genres, I’m probably most interested in True Crime and Memoir. Here are some of the non-fiction books I’ve read.

Medical conditions of characters:

I’m happy to read any medical conditions, provided that they are accurate represented. This often means that I prefer to check beforehand whether or not the book is #OwnVoices. Too often abled authors will write about disabled characters with incorrect information or misrepresentation.

Time of year, or time in history / future that you are drawn to:

I’m actually a huge fan of contemporary novels in this aspect. I don’t tend to like historical fiction novels and though I do read some futuristic plots, I’m only drawn to them if they are about a dystopia. So I would say either contemporary or dystopic/apocalyptic future.

BONUS #1:  Any other bookish boxes or buzzwords not already mentioned:

I’m not sure what “bookish boxes” means but there haven’t been any questions about specific tropes so I’ll talk about my favorite tropes! I’m a big fan of both hate-to-love and friends-to-lovers despite them being kind of opposites. I’m also drawn to books about workplace romance. In terms of non-romance tropes, I’m a fan of the boarding school trope. I absolute HATE love triangles.

BONUS #2:  What bookish boxes or buzzwords turn you away from a book?

Books with cheating turn me off immediately. In fact, I recently got one book in a subscription box where the blurb basically describes the plot as a happily married woman realizing that maybe she wants to cheat her husband and I was like SOLID NOPE and jokingly told my partner the book was going straight in the trash. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it lol.

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3 thoughts on “Bookish Boxes and Buzzwords Tag

  1. Kasey @ The Story Sanctuary February 14, 2022 / 4:43 pm

    Fun post! I also love enemies to lovers and friends to lovers and I’m a huge fan of stories featuring sisters, so I bet a lot of the books you like would be worth checking out for me! Title puns are fun too. 😁

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