Blog Tour Review: Christmas at Snowflake Lodge by CP Ward

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A cute and short holiday read.


Thank you so much to Rachel at and CP Ward for allowing me to be part of this experience and also providing me with a complimentary eBook and blog tour media kit!

About the Author

CP Ward is an author from the UK who currently lives and works in Japan. For more information, please visit

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Book CWs: For a list of content/trigger warnings, tropes, and representation for this book, check out its page on


Plumber Jessica Lemond is determined not to follow in her parents footsteps by living off her famous grandfather’s fortune. However, when the old timer himself elopes to Scotland with suspicions over the recent death of his much younger third wife hanging over his head and a private detective on his tail, it is left to Jessica to follow and clear up the mess. Happy to escape from her nightmarish lodger Doreen, she heads to the remote Snowflake Lodge with her young trainee Kirsten in tow.

However, Snowflake Lodge – with its oddball staff and very dodgy plumbing – is not how it appears in the brochure. Among the beautiful Scottish scenery, and with more hot chocolate and mince pies than she can possibly handle, can Jessica find something she didn’t even know she was looking for?

Review (No Spoilers)

I’ve got another holiday book for you today! Look at how cute that cover is!

I read another Christmas-themed book by CP Ward last year, so I guess I’m starting a new tradition. You can find my review for Christmas at Marshmallow Cafe here.

As with many holiday chick-flick novels, Christmas at Snowflake Lodge is full of drama, laughter, and newfound relationships, both platonic and romantic. The story follows Jessica Lemond, an almost-30-year-old woman who travels to a place called Snowflake Lodge in attempt to find her estranged on-the-run grandfather and escape from her nightmare of a roommate. Cue shenanigans, drama, friendships, and romance.

Despite the short length (around 250 pages), I think the book suffered a bit from trying to do too much at once. There were multiple plot elements including roommate drama, parent drama, workplace drama, detective drama, and romance drama. The inclusion of all of these things in one story sometimes made me feel like I was being mentally tossed around a bit. Certain characters seemed to be exaggerated caricatures at times, and I think this was just for the sake of fitting these multiple plots together. I think if some of these elements were split into two or three different books, it would have flowed much better and have made for a bunch of great holiday novels/novellas.

Regardless, there were a lot of things I enjoyed about this book. The main character annoyed me in the beginning, but she grew on me as the story progressed. At the end of the book, she even delivers a very strong message to the readers about working hard and philanthropy, which I appreciated very much. Several of the side characters were extremely lovable and endearing. I would definitely enjoy reading more about some of the staff members at Snowflake Lodge. It seems like they would have some very intriguing stories to tell. There is little romance in the novel, but I did enjoy the small pieces that were sprinkled throughout. And though I had to suspend my belief a few times in this book, it pulled quite a few laughs out of me. A book that can make me laugh is always a winner.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Christmas at Snowflake Lodge, you can follow along with the tour below. If you’d like to purchase it, you can find it here!

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