Blog Tour Review: A Summer of Surprises by Rosie Green

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An incredibly cute cozy mystery with added romantic undertones.


Thank you so much to Rachel at and Rosie Green for allowing me to be part of this experience and also providing me with a complimentary eBook and blog tour media kit!

About the Author

Rosie has been scribbling stories ever since she was little.

Back then, they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by ‘the baddies’.

Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all – unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love.

Her series of novellas is centred around life in a village cafe. The latest, ‘Sweet Pastries & Sourdough’, is out now.

Look out for more Little Duck Pond Café tales in 2021!

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Book CWs: For a list of content/trigger warnings, tropes, and representation for this book, check out its page on


When Ruby Watkiss lands a job at the True Loaf Bakery, she feels as if the sun has finally come out. Having been through a traumatic time that wrecked her confidence levels, it’s a joy to be working for Ellie, and now all Ruby wants is to lead a quiet life and support her mum in getting the help she needs.

But life, it seems, has other plans for Ruby.

Working alongside the bafflingly rude Hudson Holmes would be bad enough – but then odd things start happening. It seems that someone is out to sabotage the café and bakery, and to her horror, Ruby finds the finger pointing at her.

Desperate to prove her innocence, she teams up with the most unlikely person in order to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Tailing suspects and hiding in bushes isn’t something she ever imagined she’d be doing, although her partner in mystery-solving seems the perfect man for the job. Can they clear Ruby’s name by discovering the real culprit?

With all the drama afoot, at least there’s no time for romance. Because that’s the very last thing on Ruby’s mind these days. Or is it…?

Review (No Spoilers)

I’m not sure if I paid attention to the fact that this was book 16 in a series when I signed up for the tour but thankfully all these books can be read as standalones! I had no problem following along with the story despite this being my only experience with this series.

This book starts off feeling like a classic hate-to-love contemporary romance novel (and I was digging that) and then suddenly I was in an intricate cozy mystery novel (and I was digging that as well). Throughout the novel, we follow Ruby Watkiss and Hudson Holmes (spot-on name btw) as they work together to figure out who is sabotaging Ruby’s old workplace and clear her name.

Ruby was such a joy of a main character. She has a dark past filled with memories of a previously abusive relationship, but she basically never lets these ghosts stop her from trying to do her best. And while she still experiences some panic flare ups as a result of her trauma, she preservers through it. I admired her deeply for that.

Holmes, as a supporting character, was also a treat. Similar to Ruby, he has some ghosts from his past that he’s still trying to come to terms with. The added depth that we get from watching Holmes through his highs and lows during this process of recovery was really nice in my opinion. I was worried that he would miraculously get better (as happens in a lot of contemporary stories) but this book didn’t shy away from showing the darker side of attempting to overcome mental health issues and I appreciate that.

The end of the book gives a teaser for a possible sequel adventure with these two, and I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on it! If you’d like to purchase A Summer of Surprises, you can find it on Amazon (affiliate link)!

Disclaimer: Most posts made on this blog will include affiliate links, identified by the phrase (affiliate link). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This comes at no additional cost to you.

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