Blog Tour Review: Love Offline by Olivia Spring

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An incredibly cute and funny story about living life to the fullest


Thank you so much to Rachel at and Olivia Spring for allowing me to be part of this experience and also providing me with a complimentary digital copy and blog tour media kit!

About the Author

Olivia Spring is a British, London-based writer of contemporary women’s fiction, sexy chick lit and romantic comedy. Her uplifting debut novel ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin’, which was released in July 2018, deals with being newly single in your thirties and beyond, dating, relationships, love, sex and living life to the full.

Olivia published three novels in 2019: ‘Only When It’s Love’, ‘Losing My Inhibitions’ and ‘Love Offline’. ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin in Italy’, the hotly anticipated sequel to ‘The Middle-Aged Virgin’ and Olivia’s fifth novel, was published in July 2020.

When she’s not writing, Olivia can be found making regular trips to Italy to indulge in pasta, pizza and gelato and of course, seeking inspiration for her next book!

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Book CWs: For a list of warnings, tropes, and representation for this book, check out its page on


Emily’s Struggling To Find Romance Online. Will Ditching The Dating Apps Lead To True Love?

Online dating isn’t working for introvert Emily. Although she’s comfortable swiping right at home in her PJs, the idea of going out to meet a guy in person fills her with dread.

So when her best friend challenges her to ditch the apps, attend a load of awkward singles’ events and find love in real life, Emily wants to run for the hills.

Then she meets Josh. He’s handsome, kind and funny, but Emily’s had her heart crushed before and knows he’s hiding something…

Is Josh too good to be true? Can Emily learn to trust again and if she does, will it lead to love or more heartache?

Love Offline is a fun, sexy, entertaining story about friendship, stepping outside of your comfort zone and falling in love the old-fashioned way. Ideal for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare.

Review (No Spoilers)

If you know me or follow my blog, you know that I read a lot of romance novels. In fact, I can often predict the plot pretty well because most romance novels follow similar paths. Love Offline does have its predictable elements, but it somehow still managed to surprise me in a lot of fun ways–granted I didn’t read the blurb before I started reading the book so I probably should have done that.

At the heart of its story, Love Offline, is a book about learning what it means to love yourself. Many of us are exactly like Emily–we are online often and constantly compare ourselves to people we don’t even know. We probably even all have people who say they care for us while constantly tearing us down. This is exactly why I found Emily to be the perfect protagonist. The ability to identify with a protagonist makes cheering for a them a kind of escapist form of self-care. You want to see Emily succeed because it means that maybe you could too.

One major aspect of self-love is learning a proper balance when it comes to loving yourself and loving others. I was extremely happy that this book decided to dive into this question because it’s a topic that I think most people struggle with. When it comes to love, both romantic and platonic, you have to learn what it means to respect other people’s wants/needs while also respecting your own. I want more people to read Emily’s journey to not only learn from her mistakes, but to also grow with her as the story progresses.

On top of having a powerful protagonist, I also very much the several side characters along with the humor that is sprinkled throughout the novel. I absolutely adored Chloe and I think everyone deserves to have a friend like her. This book has one of my least favorite tropes in it, but the inclusion of Chloe helped subvert it enough to actually make me laugh while it was happening. A lot of romance novels would benefit from having a character like her in their books.

If you’re looking for a funny, but powerful romance novel about learning what it means to love yourself and live life to the fullest, I’d definitely recommend checking out Love Offline. If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy, you can find it on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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