Book Review: The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A hate-to-love novel with relatable and funny main characters.

Book CWs:

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Despite being ditched at the alter at her own wedding, Carolina Santos makes a living coordinating other people’s happily ever afters. As an independent wedding coordinator, Lina’s doesn’t exactly have the financial cushion that she needs to get by. So when a wedding guest unexpectedly invites her to apply for a partnership with an established hotel, Lina will do whatever it takes to get the job, even if it means partnering with Max Hartley.

Although Max Hartley has been living in his older brother’s shadow his entire life, he finally has the chance to break free and prove himself once and for all. All he has to do is work together with an assigned wedding coordinator to create the perfect brand presentation. The task itself is simple enough–except for the fact that the wedding coordinator happens to be Carolina Santos, his brother’s ex-fiancée.

Not only was Max the best man at Lina’s failed wedding, he was also the person who convinced the groom-to-be not to go through with it.

As the presentation deadline nears, Max and Lina begin to wonder if the heat behind their partnership is founded in complete hatred…or something else entirely.

Review (No Spoilers)

I’m writing this review long after I finished reading the book so forgive me if it’s not as good as my others!

There was this one day (pre-covid), where my partner and I decided to walk through the romance section of Barnes & Noble and look for any New Adult book we could find. Basically what this consisted of was us grabbing anything with an illustrated cover. That’s how I found The Worst Best Man. Once he read the blurb to me and I saw that it was a hate-to-love novel, I was 100% in.

Once I got myself a copy and sat down to read it, I found myself absolutely hooked by the first chapter. Unfortunately that energy didn’t last long but I understand that books usually start off by laying the scene and that sometimes that means they can drag a bit.

Around 50-60% was when the story finally picked back up for me and from then on I enjoyed it quite a lot. One of the things that I remember enjoying was the fact that the sexual scenes managed to be both really hot and super funny, something that I haven’t seen since Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey. In hate-to-love plots you can almost always assume humor is going to be sprinkled throughout the novel–which it was–but in my experience, the sex scenes tend to be more serious as the characters literally bang out their hate in lieu of witty rhetoric.

Moving on to the characters, I found both of the MCs very likable despite their differences. Both of them had very realistic flaws that I could connect with throughout the story. One thing that I wish was done differently though is that I wish more time was spent on Max. Despite the book being written from alternating perspectives, Lina got more attention and a more detailed backstory. While I did appreciate diving into a how her character was hardened by racism and sexism, I was also genuinely interested to learn more about why Max and his family was the way it was. It’s unlikely that this book would get a sequel (or prequel) so my questions/curiosities will most likely go unanswered.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

  1. This sounds like a fun read if you’re not looking for anything to wow you or take too seriously? I’ve seen other reviews disappointed in this one – maybe a slight missed potential? Great review!

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