#TheWriteReads Blog Tour Review: Promises Forged by Devri Walls

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Devri Walls has the ability to make you enjoy every single chapter, even if not much is happening.

Thank you so much to The Write Reads and Devri Walls for allowing me to be part of this follow up blog tour and for providing me with a complimentary digital copy. This is book two in the Venators series. Click here if you want to read my review for book one!

Book CWs

  • Abuse (sexual and physical)
  • Fighting/Violence
  • Torture (mental and physical)
  • Character Death
  • Sexual Harassment

Premise (from Goodreads)

It has been mere days in the world of Eon, where Rune Jenkins, her twin brother Ryker, and their friend Grey have been trapped, fighting for their lives. After discovering the truth of their ancestry, the three are far from home, and far from anything resembling their mundane lives of the past.

While Ryker is still held captive by the eerily beautiful Zio and her goblins, Grey falls into the clutches of Feena, the Fae queen. She begins to drain his soul bit by bit to feed her dark underground garden, and Grey has no hope of escaping on his own.

It is now up to Rune to save Grey, as his precious time slips away inexorably. But the Council has denied her permission to embark on a rescue mission, until she can harness her Venator gifts and prove herself capable of venturing into the Fae queen’s territory. As Rune discovers that promises in Eon are forged with life-or-death consequences, she realizes that she must act quickly, or else be swallowed and Grey along with her by the dangers of Eon.

Review (No Spoilers)

When I think of fantasy books, I usually picture epic sagas and long adventures filled with action and danger. For me, this is not at all what Promises Forged is. While there are a few scenes dealing with danger and near-death experiences, what drives the book forward is something that I can’t quite put by finger on. It could honestly just boil down to really good writing.

If you’ve read my last review about Magic Unleashed, you know that I don’t really read fantasy novels. It’s completely possible that this is just how fantasy books go, but when I read Promises Forged, I got to around the 40% mark and realized that I had no idea what the book was supposed to be about (I hadn’t read the blurb). That probably sounds like a negative thing but it really wasn’t. I think it’s a testament to how well something is written when you can have your reader enjoy over 150 pages without introducing the main plot.

I generally don’t go into much detail about plot in my reviews because I want to keep them as non-spoilery as possible but if you plan on reading the series, it might be worth it to read the books back to back since the second book takes place pretty much immediately after the first and I think the same will be true for the third. Devri does a pretty good job of recapping some of the major events but there were some smaller things referenced that I honestly don’t remember.

Click here for a slightly spoilery note on something about the plot that I dislike. Be warned that I have angry use of caps lock.

I. HATE. LOVE TRIANGLES. This series really seems to be leaning towards introducing one OR MORE and I am SUPER NOT looking forward to that. Okay, mini rant over. Sorry!

In regards to the characters, I am still really enjoying every one of them. This book introduces a bit more background for many side characters and I like the fact that I feel empathy towards almost all of them, even the “villains”–except Shax, that guy can suck it. I had hoped to see more of Ryker and of the wolf pack so hopefully more of this will be addressed in the next book.

If you’re interested in this series, definitely check it out! I think the third book is scheduled to be released later this year.

2 thoughts on “#TheWriteReads Blog Tour Review: Promises Forged by Devri Walls

  1. Great review! I totally agree with you about having gotten through a certain chunk of the book and realising that I had no idea what was happening coz I hadn’t properly read the blurb 😂 I also totally agree with you about the spoilery note and ugh, I’m so not a fan. I hope we’re wrong and that it doesn’t head in that direction 😅

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