Book Review: The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Likable love interest but an upsetting protagonist

Book CWs

  • Racism
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexism/Misogyny
  • Profanity
  • Sexually Explicit Scenes


Rhiannon Hunter is a self-made and determined woman.

After leaving a toxic relationship and being forced out of her job, Rhiannon gathers herself up and decides to start her very own dating app, Crush. In a world where success is the best revenge, Rhiannon doesn’t have the time to let any man get in the way of her dream. At least, that’s what Rhi has led herself to believe, until she meets ex-football player Samson Lima. The two of them have an absolutely amazing night together, awakening feelings Rhiannon never thought she’d feel again…and then he ghosts her.

Months later, Rhi has her sight set purchasing the popular dating website known as Matchmaker. The problem is, Matchmaker’s owner is almost impossible to get into contact with. Re-enter Samson Lima.

As both the nephew of Matchmaker’s owner and the company’s new spokesperson, Samson has the in that Rhiannon needs to make her desired purchase. He even proposes that Matchmaker and Crush work together in a cooperative advertising campaign. But with Samson’s betrayal so fresh in her mind, can Rhiannon put aside her feelings to give him a second chance?

Review (Mild Spoilers)

I really really wanted to like The Right Swipe. It’s about a woman of color who is working hard to make a name for herself and I was so freaking ready to cheer her on. My enthusiasm faded though as soon as I realized that I found so much of her personality annoying.

Rhiannon has a lot of trust issues throughout the entire book. It is both explained and understandable why she has them, but after reading chapter after chapter of her jumping the gun and assuming the worst in people, I found myself super upset. Something I hate about books is when all of the conflict stems from people not talking to each other. This book was on a whole other level because the problems all stemmed from Rhiannon not wanting to listen.

The other main issue I had with Rhiannon was that she was completely obsessed with a toxic view of what a strong woman is. She believed that what made a woman strong was never showing weakness. Things that she saw as weak were things like emotions, asking for help, and wanting to be safe. Like what??? She was constantly thinking about power moves and how to make herself bigger, even if it meant using other people. I honestly felt like her goal was to emulate men in power as much as possible. And to be quite frank, most men in power…well they suck. I would have much rather watched her tear down all the misconceptions about what it means to be strong instead of falling for them.

Aside from Rhiannon, I liked pretty much all of the other aspects of this book. The side characters were good and I really liked Samson. The sex scenes were steamy and not awkward (thank god). Thinking about it now, the sex scenes were actually pretty darn great, if I do say so myself. The reasons I stay away from adult romance is because I tend to not care for sex scenes but this book got me (lol).

In the end, I was going to rate this book 3 stars because an unlikable main character is a pretty big negative for me. The reasons it’s 3.5 instead is because it started redeeming itself at the end. A lot of the things I had problems with were addressed, including Rhiannon’s faults. I felt this justified bumping it up a half star but unfortunately, for me, it was mostly too little too late.

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