Book Review: Well Met by Jen Deluca

Rating: 3.5/5

An average love story that had some good laughs but an incredibly foolish protagonist.

Book CWs

  • Abuse (Emotional)
  • Profanity
  • Sexually Explicit Scenes
  • Character death
  • PTSD


Following a tough break up, Emily relocates to a small town in Maryland to live with her sister, April for the summer. April is temporarily immobile due to a car accident, so Emily finds herself forced to volunteer for the towns Renaissance Faire in her sister’s place. Roleplaying the part of a tavern wench for a few weekends doesn’t seem to be a terrible gig for Emily until she learns that the Faire is run by Simon, an uptight and arrogant jerk that Emily cannot stand.

But when Emily and Simon’s Faire personas become betrothed to each other for the rest of the summer, Emily is drawn to this new, flirtatious side of Simon. Is this all part of the act? Or is there a spark between them that can be sustained–even out of costume?

Review (No Spoilers)

My partner bought me this book for Christmas and I’ve basically been wanting to read it ever since I opened that wrapping. After reading Red, White and Royal Blue, I’ve been very interested in the new-to-me genre of “YA” Romance novels. Basically, I want to read feel good love stories that don’t rely 80% on juicy sex scenes.

Although Well Met didn’t meet the high expectations that I had set for the book, it was still an enjoyable story. I laughed several times while reading it and I enjoyed basically all of the side characters. In fact, I liked the side characters more than I did the MCs.

One of the reasons that this book fell short for me was that Emily seemed to be incredibly oblivious to basically everything around her the entire time. It was as if all the signs could have been pointing to “THE SKY IS BLUE” and Emily would have been like “What’s up with all these people talking about the sky and the color blue? DOES THIS MEAN THEY ALL HATE ME?”

The sequel is expected to come out this year and it focuses on the side character that I most wanted to know more about. Keep an eye out for my review of Well Played by Jen Deluca sometime “soon”!

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