Book Review: Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William A.E. Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun and rhyme-y kids book full of adventures from across time!

Book CWs

  • Child (non-imminent) Danger


Timothy Mean is a young kid who gets bored one day and decides to make a time machine out of junk in his house.

Using his new machine, he travels across time–all the way from dinosaurs to hover boards!

Review (No Spoilers)

Thank you William for the free pdf copy in exchange for a review! This is the first kids book I’ve picked up in a long time and since I’ve never reviewed a kids book before, I had to stop a lot to think about what I could say.

Kids books are very short and fast paced so it can be difficult to tackle things like “plot” and “character”, but what I really enjoyed about this book was all of the different time periods that it ventured into. I can definitely imagine it conjuring up educational interests in young kids who want to learn more about things like vikings, dinosaurs, and the first trip to the moon.

The book also threw in some sci-fi which was really fun! There were dragons and futuristic technology mixed in that I think would allow this book to reach a wide audience.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that sometimes the art totally freaked me out. It was actually kind of strange because there were times when I would look at a drawing and be amazed at how nice and detailed it was and then other times when I would look at a person’s face and feel terrified. I fully admit though that I have weird reactions when it comes to how faces are drawn in books. There are some mangas that I actually refuse to pick up because the art scares me.

I recommend taking a look at this book if you’re shopping around for kids. It seems like the physical copy might also have stickers!

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