Book Review: One of Us Is Lying

Rating: 4/5

An interesting story reminiscent of The Breakfast Club but…with murder.

Book CWs

  • Character Death
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Homophobia
  • Violence


Five classmates find themselves in detention for violations that they didn’t actually commit and that’s not even the beginning of their troubles.

Only four of them make it out alive.

Now each of them are suspects in a murder investigation! The town and school begin to turn against them but can they even trust each other?

Review (No Spoilers)

I had a feeling this book was gonna be…I can’t really find the right word I’m looking for but…appetizing? If that makes any sense? Murder mysteries are my jam but I haven’t really read many of them so when I read the flap, I knew I would get a kick out of it.

As far as the characters go, so many of them are in abusive relationships either with their friends, significant others, or parents. It made me feel terrible having to read all of their stories and hearing all the excuses they–or other people–made to try and justify it.

In particular, cheating as a plot device affects me very negatively and there is a LOT in this book. Every time I read a book with terrible side characters, I just want to jump in and slap them all across the face. Like YOU’RE NOT GETTING AWAY IN THIS BOOK! NOT ON MY WATCH!

What I did like about the MCs was reading about the different ways they decided to handle the stress/situation they were put under. Different people react to trauma in different ways so I was grateful for the diversity.

The book is told through all of the MCs POVs and though I did like the additional details that it provided, I felt like it eliminated some of the mystery. For example, if one character thinks “I think BLAH didn’t do it” it kind of eliminates the thinking character as a suspect.

Despite some possible suspects being eliminated by the writing, I still enjoyed the book’s plot. I just wish that we saw more of the legal aspect of the case. I felt like the police and lawyers had their storylines kind of glazed over and I would have really liked to see more of that.

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