Book Review: The Last Little Blue Envelope (13 Little Blue Envelopes Sequel)

Rating: 4/5

I liked this a lot more than the previous book. The story kept me interested and the main character was more bearable than before.

Book CWs

  • Cheating
  • Blackmail
  • Parent abandonment
  • Death


Last summer, Ginny received instructions from her recently deceased aunt in the form of 13 little blue envelopes. The letters took her through several European countries and presented her with some amazing life experiences. Unfortunately, before she could open the last one, her backpack was stolen.

Fast forward a few months when Ginny receives an email from a man named Oliver who claims to have Ginny’s envelopes. Attached to his email is a preview of the final message along with instructions to meet him in London if she wants her things returned.

After making some arrangements, Ginny makes her way to London only to discover that the final letter contains directions to her three separated art pieces that must be put together to form her aunt’s final work.

Oliver, who has read up on the small fortune that Ginny made by selling her aunt’s previous paintings, reveals that he will only give her the final message if she splits the profits with him 50/50. To ensure that he receives his money he has Ginny sign a contractual agreement with the art dealer and declares that the only way Ginny can get the pieces is if they go together.

Review (No Spoilers)

First of all, I have to go on a little rant because I absolutely hate the hardback book covers for this series. The paperback covers are the cutest things and I am so upset that they don’t make hardbacks with the same covers.

Sorry! To the review!

I originally gave this book 4.5 starts on GoodReads after I finished it but after some reflection I wasn’t exactly sure why. I remember having a small discussion with my partner on how I was planning on giving the book 4.5 stars but felt that I was only giving it that high of a rating because of how disappointing the first book was. As a result, I decided to lower it down to 4.

That being said, this book was, in my opinion, much better than the first. I wouldn’t say that it’s one of my favorites but it definitely reassured me that I still like Maureen Johnson.

My arguments with the first book was that the story was unrealistic and the MC was confusing as heck. This book not only started off with more of an explanation as to why her parents would let her travel to Europe on her own but I also felt like Ginny was a lot more relatable. I found myself more engaged with this book than with the previous.

Some unfortunate negatives were that Keith was pretty freaking annoying in this book when I actually liked him in the previous one. On top of that there are several mentions/suggestions of cheating which if you don’t know me, I absolutely despise cheating in stories as much as I do in real life.

I think I’d recommend this tiny little series to anyone who is looking for some quick and cute reads.

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