My Readathon TBRs


If you’re following me on twitter you probably have seen me trying to find as many September readathons as possible. I was able to find the following ( they all are for the entire month of September):

I decided to participate in the Hogwarts House Battles and the Mythothon. I considered doing the TBR Readathon but figured I would get overwhelmed trying to make my TBR list count for the prompts of three readathons.

My Current TBR List for Hogwarts House Battles

Here is what I currently plan on reading along with what prompts they will count for.

  • Wilder Girls (Muggle Studies & Group Book)
  • Truly Devious (Divination & Flying)
  • The Andromeda Strain (Alchemy & Potions)
  • The Shack (Herbology)
  • The Things She’s Seen (Charms & Care of Magical Creatures)
  • Slaughterhouse Five (Study of Ancient Runs, Arithmancy, & History of Magic)
  • Fifty Shades of Gray (Defence Against the Dark Arts)

Things I currently don’t have books planned for:

  • Astronomy (I’ll probably just choose one to do this for)
  • Transfiguration (I plan on buying more books so depends on that)
  • Apparation (I’ll probably just choose one to do this for)

My Current TBR List for Mythothon

For this I am trying to make a BINGO from the top left to the bottom right but I’m also going to end up hitting a bunch of other random prompts because of House Battles.

Here are the prompts for BINGO and their books.

  • Huginn & Muninn: Slaughterhouse Five
  • Helheim: The Shack or The Andromeda Strain
  • Asgard: Anything left
  • Alfheim: Truly Devious or Fifty Shades of Gray
  • Mimir: Wilder Girls

I’m hoping that participating in readathons will get me reading more because though my GoodReads goal is only 20 books but I feel like I actually want to read 50 if possible. Let me know if you plan on participating in any of them with me! I’ll be updating my progress on twitter (@jenjenreviews).

9 thoughts on “My Readathon TBRs

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing the Hogwarts House Battles. It seems like so much fun! You have a great selection for the month and I’m sure you’ll be able to read 50 books 😀 Wilder Girls is also on my TBR so hopefully we both enjoy that in Sep 🙂

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    1. I see a lot of people with book goals of 100 and ngl it makes me feel kind of bad about myself. I’m hoping to read more than 20 it was just a realistic goal given that I read like maybe five books last year

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      1. Everyone has a different goal and tbh I think enjoying books is more important than how many we read. There does seem to be a pressure in the book blogging community to read a lot, but they also have so many opportunities to be involved even if you don’t read as much as you’d (memes, tags etc.). Stick with your realistic goal and pick books that you genuinely want to read 😀 After all, it’s for your enjoyment that you’re reading. I have to admit, while I read A LOT of books, I’ve found that I don’t enjoy reading ARCs as much as other bloggers do. It’s a silly thing, but it does make me feel bad about myself too. We all have things we wish we could do a bit differently. I hope you’re able to enjoy the books you read and not feel pressure to have to read more 🙂 Plus, you’ve already quadrupled since last year… that’s a big change already!

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    1. I’m going to try to participate in more readathons throughout the year if you ever think of joining one! My main problem is I always find out about them too late.

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