Reading With My Partner: A New Experience

I am not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet in any of my previous posts but my partner and I have been reading books together.

“What does that mean?”, you ask.

Well what it basically means is that he reads out loud to me. The way this started was that last year I recommended The Raven Cycle to him and lent him my copy of The Raven Boys. I was in the middle of rereading the series because I had just bought The Raven King and wanted a refresher on the previous novels before I read it.

Partway through his reading of TRB we had the epiphany that we both wished there were a way that we could fully enjoy the book together. The only way we figured this could happen was through reading out loud. My anxiety prohibits me from doing such a thing without feeling terribly judged so he took the role as reader.

This week–on our one year anniversary–we finished TRC together.

The experience itself has been very interesting. I’ve listened to audiobooks before but having someone you know–someone you love–reading to you is completely different. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, I suggest you test it out! If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, I recommend not reading in bed. My partner usually reads to me at night and I have fallen asleep several times mid-chapter.

The main reason I wanted to write this post was because I’m not actually sure how many people do this. Sometimes I want to mention that we read together to people I know and I stop because I have this vague panic that this is not normal. I really enjoy our reading time and I wonder if anyone else has done this or is doing this. I’m very open to hearing about your experiences.

16 thoughts on “Reading With My Partner: A New Experience

  1. My partner has read to me before, but only the odd chapter or paragraph when I’ve asked him. It’s because he’s Scottish and I love his accent lol. I don’t think he would be willing to read me an entire book. And like you, I may be prone to dropping off to sleep haha! I love the idea of a read together but I think the only way me and my man could do it is if we had a copy of the book each?! Plus he reads fantasy mainly and I’m not a massive fan, I enjoy horror, historical and crime and he’s not keen on those so…🤔 great post though, thoroughly enjoyed it 😃👍🏻


    1. Yeah we always try to find a book that were both interested in reading. I thought about trying to read two copies but I read books faster than he does when I’m on my own.

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  2. Aww this sounds very sweet, I don’t have a significant other at the moment to read with, but I hope when I find my guy that he’ll be into reading as much as I am and will read to me!!! 😍😍😍💖💖 #CoupleGoals

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  3. That’s a really lovely idea! My boyfriend definitely doesn’t read enough for me to do this as well but I imagine it’d be a great bonding experience! Are you going to do another book together?


    1. I’ve kind of been wondering if this is something you could do with a good friend instead of a partner. Though I feel like in my current group of friends I don’t know who I’d try this with.

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  4. I love this and think it’s a fantastic idea. I don’t presently have a partner but if I have one who is interested in reading, I may snag this idea from you. It sounds like a great experience and I am glad you’ve been enjoying yourselves!

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    1. Haha yeah sometimes it’s hard when I want to know what’s gonna happen but have to wait. I found it’s easier when I’m reading other books at the same time.

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