Sleuth Kings Introduction Case Review

Rating: 5/5

This small introduction is a lovely surprise for any new Sleuth King subscriber as long as you don’t expect too much from it.

Subscription Description

Sleuth Kings is a monthly subscription that delivers fictional detective stories to your door. The premise for each case is that you have been contacted by Detective Sullivan King about a recent case that he has been hired for in which he needs your help. Each month you receive a manila envelope that contains:

  • Instructions on where to go to begin email interactions with Sullivan regarding the case
  • A list of the cases contents (so that you can check that you’ve received everything)
  • A case overview written by Sullivan
  • Approximately 4 clues
  • A Clue Analysis that describes the clues and how to approach each one. (Ignore this paper for an extra challenge)
  • Some additional material/props

Each case is its own story so unlike certain mystery subscriptions (like Hunt A Killer), you can solve the entire case in one sitting. I am told that every 4 cases you receive a bonus case about finding Sullivan’s missing father. (So far I have not received this but I have received several bonus emails regarding his father.)

Case 000: Introduction (Premise)

When you first sign up to receive your Sleuth Kings subscription boxes, you should receive a small envelope in the mail before your first case arrives. Inside is a small card from Sullivan welcoming you to Sleuth Kings. In this card, he presents you with a link to a free introductory case designed to give you a sample of what your first case will hold.

Review (No Spoilers)

First of all I’d like to apologize for doing this out of order. I had honestly forgotten that we received this card until it fell out of the place I was storing all of our Sleuth Kings packages. Considering how short the case is, I do not plan on doing a walkthrough for this one (sorry!).

This case was overall a very nice and interesting introduction to the Sleuth Kings universe. Starting off with an email from Sullivan, you are presented with a list of tasks that you have to complete in a specific order in order to move on. Kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Now that I’ve completed several cases, I can say that this is NOT really how Sleuth Kings packages work. In full cases, you can work in whatever order you want but nevertheless I really enjoyed solving this introductory case.

The case probably took my partner and I around 15 minutes to complete so don’t expect too much of a challenge from it. It is really just intended to be a free sample rather than a full complementary package. As long as you don’t start this card with big expectations, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the little treat that it provides as much as I did!

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